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We use game thinking to engage users, solve problems and change behaviors. Yes, it's that simple.

What we bring to the table.

Game science.

We mix together careful planning, strategy, best practices and expertise to create gamified digital experiences that are tailored to the unique needs of individual brands and their audiences. Not to mention really, really engaging.

Founded in 2011 to change the face of gamification, we draw on proven techniques and our extensive advertising background to produce a suite of solutions for brands – including social gaming, loyalty programs, CRM systems and websites.

Our air is to change the behavior of users in the most meaningful ways.


    Offering highly addictive games and game mechanic integration into a variety of digital experiences.

    You'll get a comprehensive report on user behavior and interaction with your solution.

    If you want, we have an array of customizable plugins that are quick to implement.

Method to the madness.

We find gamification totally fascinating because it taps into how the human mind works. It starts with a hit of dopamine and keeps going with an engaging, immersive experience. When you put everything we know about gaming and the brain's reaction to gaming techniques together into an experience, you'll not only get excitement from users, but also meaningful engagement with your brand. How awesome is that?

How we change behaviors at every stage






Ignorance Is Bliss For consumers not currently considering change, we encourage re-evaluation of their
current behavior and encourage self-exploration.

Sitting on the Fence To target consumers who are ambivalent about change, we encourage the evaluation of pros and cons,
as well as identify and promote new positive outcome expectations.

Testing the Waters To get consumers to act for the first time, we identify the obstacles and assist in problem solving.

Pulling the Trigger For consumers to commit to a new behavior for 3-6 months, we focus on restructuring cues and social support
while bolstering self-efficacy for dealing with obstacles.

Sustained Behavior To get customers to commit to a behavior between 6 months to 5 years, we reinforce recognition and rewards,
plan for follow up and support to prevent relapses.

A taste of some of our work.

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    When was the last time you bowled on a golf course? That's right. Never. Now you can with this easy-to-learn, easy to get addicted to game.

    buy on itunes

    Develop a social mobile game designed to use casual gaming mechanics as a pilot program for LimeGorilla.

    We created Goofer, a fun bowling/golf hybrid game for the iPad (available at the iTunes store). Gameplay is simple: collect coins, avoid gophers and other obstacles, and knock down as many pins as you can. Players can also unlock different types of bowling balls and other rewards using the coins collected.

    5,300 downloads in first 15 days
    5-star rating
    Over 10 minutes of daily play and strong viral pass-along rates

  • Together We Fly

    We carefully combined group play with a tasty bucket of SkyMiles – to create a program that would get people booking more flights with Delta.

    Get people who were close to their booking window to consider booking with Delta.

    We developed a crowdsourcing social media campaign built around the idea of teams. Captains were invited to create teams of up to four American Express® Cardmembers. Then, every ticket purchased by a member of the team using an American Express Card within the promotional period went toward the “total miles flown” for the entire team.

    1.5 million engagement
    $15 million in additional ticket bookings

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    • game
    • game

    Cutest Pet

    Who knew that some sickeningly adorable pets would result in a 125% increase in sales, plus a database of new customers? We did.

    American Express wanted to aggressively boost sales of the photo Gift Card.

    We created a thematically relevant program that drove a sustained level of engagement over 8 weeks: the Facebook Cutest Pet Contest. During that time, more than 4,000 people submitted photos of their pets, and each day people came back for a daily vote – totaling more than 400,000 votes.

    153% lift in Photo Gift Card sales Y/Y
    400,000+ total votes
    60,000+ visitors
    47,000+ email addresses collected
    4,000 approved photo submissions
    1,450+ Facebook & Twitter posts/shares

Worth a look-see.

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There's a lot of talk about gamification. Being a leader in the industry, we know of what we speak. This white paper goes deep into what works for brands – engaging customers and changing behaviors.

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